The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Luke 2:32

‘…a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel.’ (Luke 2:32)

When I was a boy a power cut was a major source of excitement.

Nowadays we all have torch lights built into our mobile phones. But in those days I remember scurrying round the house helping dad to find the candles and matches that were ‘somewhere’.

It went something like this: ‘Watch out!’ ‘Ouch!’ ‘What’s that?’ as we stumbled from room to room, stubbing our toes and banging into things.

We need light to be able to see and to find our way. And that’s why we need Jesus.

You and I cannot see God unless he shows himself to us. And we cannot find the way to heaven unless he shows us the way.

But the good news of Christmas is that God has not left us stumbling around in the dark. He has made himself known to us by becoming one of us. And he has opened the way to heaven for all who believe.

The way is not a set of rules. It’s not a moral code or a set of religious rituals. It’s a person. It is Jesus Christ. That’s why Christmas is such wonderful news!

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