The Eighth Day of Christmas

Luke 1:32-33

‘He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High… his kingdom will never end.’ (Luke 1:32-33)

“Nothing lasts forever!” I wonder how many times you’ve heard someone say that! Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. I know I have.

And on the face of it, it seems to be true. In fact, I’m reminded of it every time I pull something tasty out of the fridge only to find that it’s gone past its ‘use by’ date. And it’s not just food. Holidays come to an end. Clothes wear out. Cars break down. Banks go bust. Hair turns grey! It seems that nothing does last forever.

But the great news is that there is something that will last forever. When Jesus was born, God announced, ‘his kingdom will never end.’ Jesus’ kingdom isn’t a place, it’s people. It’s the community of people who live under his good and loving rule, and enjoy God’s blessing through trusting him and obeying him. And this community, the Bible says, will last forever. That is, it’s a community of people who have life that will last forever; eternal, never-ending, everlasting life.

The great news is that you and I can be part of that community and start living that life today!