Prayer Meetings

It is one of the great privileges of Christians to pray to God as our heavenly Father. The Bible tells us that he hears and answers the prayers of his people, always in accordance with his perfect love and wisdom. Our prayer meetings are therefore at the heart of our church life.

We come together for our monthly prayer meetings at 7.45pm on the first Tuesday of each month, and again at 10.30am the following morning.

Both meetings start with Bible teaching.

Prayer Partnerships

Prayer partnerships are an informal commitment between two or more Christian friends to meet together regularly to read the bible, pray, and encourage each other to live whole-heartedly for Jesus in every area of life.

They are a safe place to be open and honest with people you trust, to get real about following Jesus, and to build deep Christian friendships. They are supportive, challenging and fun to be part of! Many people find them indispensable to their Christian growth and progress. We encourage all church members to join a prayer partnership.